Diffusing the threat response:

We are so unconsciously conditioned with our fears that we see most of life’s situations as a series of threats than opportunities.While a certain amount of threat response is necessary for survival, too much of it can threaten survival itself.
Imagine if you were able to diffuse the threat response within you.

Imagine how differently would you respond to people and life.

Our threat responses are significantly different from our normal ones.

In this program, let’s explore

  • Understand what are our deep-seated fears that make us perceive situations as threats
  • How to communicate in a way that doesn’t activate a threat response in ourselves or others
  • How to handle threat responses from others in a way that we can diffuse them instantly rather than fuel them insanely
  • How to operate from a space of love – than fear / threat!

4 weeks of deep work on ourselves to see what’s on the other side. See you there!


Will these sessions be recorded & shared?

Since people will be sharing their personal stories, we are not at liberty to share any recordings.

What if I miss a session?

At MYA, we believe in thinking positive and planning ahead. With the best of efforts, if you are still unable to make it for a session, you could come 15 mins early for the next class, so we can catch you up. Please do keep the trainers informed ahead of time, at all times, to help them plan accordingly. And let FOMO not stop you. 🙂

Will there be any notes shared?

Whatever is discussed in class, the key pointers will be typed in the chatbox. At the end of a class, delegates are reminded to save the chat. Also, based on the session and the nature of activity, trainers may share some activity sheets or notes as deemed necessary or appropriate.

Can I get a refund?

Fees once paid cannot be refunded or transferred since it is a month-long course with planned sessions and activities that may need continuity. Please do your best to plan your schedules ahead of time so that you have a seamless experience.

How will the sessions be held?

These sessions will be held online via Zoom and they are interactive. Delegates will be required to keep their videos turned on throughout the sessions. Else, they may be removed from the session.

Is there any eligibility criteria?

Anyone with an interest and openness to learn is eligible. No prior training or NLP experience is required.

Is this similar to NLP Foundation?

No. This is a new, unique program to address our unconscious thought patterns, fears, and limiting beliefs that may be holding us back from experiencing and expressing love and abundance.

Will I receive a certificate for this course?

This is not a certification program but a continuous learning program. Currently, there is no certificate provided. If you need an invoice, we can help you with the same.


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