Master Yourself Academy Online NLP Certification Training – live!

  • A world class learning experience
  • Experiential learning; interactive sessions
  • 12 hours training (6 sessions x 2 hours a day)
  • Online Video Sessions via Zoom
  • A training that guarantees transformation!
  • All you need is a laptop/phone & headphones

What to expect:

  • Understand your psychology.
  • Learn from your unconscious patterns
  • Learn what is working & what isn’t working in your thinking; language & behaviour.
  • How to build trust and harmony in relationships
  • How to communicate skilfully
  • Overcome stress; manage your state consistently
  • Manage emotions; learn to influence your mind and heart
  • Build Confidence
  • You will definitely have a new perspective on your goals; your career;
      your personal life; your professional life; your influence & leadership!

Our promise is to add value !

Money Back Guarantee:
If you don’t find value in our training, after attending the session for the first 2 hours (Day 1), let us know and you will get 100% refund. No questions asked!

Please watch these videos to understand - what is NLP and how it can help you. You can have a glimpse of the trainers, experience their training styles and you will know what to expect from the program - these videos are as good as a demo class/ taster session.

What is NLP?

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is the understanding of our unconscious patterns in our thinking, language and behaviour. It is the study of excellence so that we can learn and reproduce that excellence. ‘If one person can do something, anybody can learn to do it’ – is the core of NLP.

What is the NLP Foundation Training? Can I learn NLP Online?

NLP Foundation (12 hours) is the first step in learning NLP. It is an online training distributed over 2 hours a day for 6 days.
The online training is a very powerful experience because of the following reasons
a. The classes are just 2 hours long making it easy to grasp the learnings.
b. You have 24 hours to reflect before you come for the day 2 session.
c. You have the opportunity to interact with the trainers for 6 days.
d. These sessions are highly interactive, engaging and experiential.

Can I attend a demo class?

We have a host of videos from our trainers on our Youtube channel and social media platforms. These will give you a perspective as to what you can expect.
Below are the links for the same:

How can I change my habits and behaviours within 12 hours? Is it possible to change so soon?

NLP is a powerful tool that will help you understand your unconscious patterns. Once you are aware of your unconscious patterns, you will then know ‘what is working’ and ‘what is not working’ in your life. With that awareness, you will be able to make better choices which leads to a better quality of life. Awareness leads to choices and choices leads to flexibility in your thinking, language and behaviour. And it also depends on the trainer’s skillset to offer you an experience that teaches you the principles but also helps you integrate the learnings.

How frequently do you have the NLP Foundation Program happening?How frequently do you have the NLP Foundation Program happening?

The Foundation program happens every month.

Will I get a certificate on completion of the NLP Foundation program?

Yes. Upon successful completion of the NLP Foundation program and payment of the fee in full, delegate shall receive a print file of the certificate to their email id within a week to ten days of completing the program.

Can I see a sample of the certificate?

While we may not be able to show you a sample certificate, we can share the contents of the same. You may WhatsApp/Email at +91 95669 42555 or [email protected] to know more about it.

Is the certificate valid internationally?

Yes. Our certificates are signed off by Master trainers of ANLP, UK. Hence, it is internationally recognized.

Do you have weekend classes? I can't attend continuous 6 days course!

Our trainings are currently held for 6 continuous days, for 2 hours a day, for effective learning. However, if you have a special request, please write to us at [email protected] and we shall get back to you.

What if I miss a class or two?

As this is a certification program, certificate is provided based on successful completion of the program. For which, attending all days is important. Hence, we’d recommend that you plan your schedules in a way that you can keep yourself free to attend the program for those 2 hours every day. However, if you are unable to attend on a given day due to unavoidable circumstances, please inform us ahead of time, so we can ask you to login 30 minutes early the following day to catch you up with what you have missed.
(Please note that we may not be able to issue a certificate if you have missed more than 3 hours of the program as that would significantly affect your learning. In which case, you could choose to attend the next batch paying only 50% of the course fee.)

Can I pay the fees in instalments?

Yes! You can pay the fees in instalments and attend the batch that happens immediately after your payment is complete. You may get in touch with our team to know more.

Do we get a recording of the session after the class is over?

This is an interactive program where people share their personal stories and get coached too. Hence, we are not at liberty to share the recordings of these sessions. However, the topics discussed during class will be typed out in the chat box. Delegates are encouraged to save the chat for their future reference.

What is different about Master Yourself Academy from other NLP training institutions?

a. Experiential Session: Our trainings are experiential, live and interactive sessions which is highly engaging
b. Practical Application: Our program is filled with practical application of your learnings so that you know how to apply the skills.
c. Individual Attention: Trainers would also cover the individual outcomes that you want to learn along with the course content.
d. Coaching: Delegates also get coached during the program which makes them aware of their unconscious patterns.
e. Huge resources: Our trainers keep offering videos, podcasts, webinars, 1-day workshops at regular intervals to keep the learning and motivation going.

How many days will it take to complete all levels of NLP?

Each level in NLP has the following stipulated hours:
Step 1 - NLP Foundation - Online (12 hours)
Step 2 - NLP Practitioner - Online/Offline (50 hours)
Step 3 - NLP Master Practitioner - Online/Offline (80 hours)
Step 4 - NLP Trainer Training - Offline (90 hours)

Can I become a trainer after the foundation?

You can become a trainer after completing all the levels of NLP namely

How much is the fees for all levels of NLP? If I pay together will I get discount?

Yes! You may get in touch with us directly in this regard

Can my teenage son/daughter join this course? Is there an age limit?

For the NLP Foundation, teenagers can definitely join. The training will definitely make them confident, positive teens who know how to understand themselves and others.

Is there any criteria for joining NLP?

The only criteria is openness to learn.

I have lots of misunderstanding with my spouse/children/colleagues/parents/loved ones. Can NLP help?

Yes. NLP helps you understand the psychology of a person. It is a great tool in building rapport and managing your emotions. At one level, you will understand how you can contribute to the relationship. At the other level, you will learn how to influence the other person respectfully.

Does NLP help with stress management? I have anxiety issues too

NLP is a great tool to understand the triggers of stress and anxiety. You can help yourself and rewire your thought patterns and create more positive ones. Once you understand your trigger you get the power to change.

I am looking for Personality development training. Do you offer that course?

We do undertake personality development classes for individuals and corporates through a powerful medium called Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is powerful tool for personal excellence and change. The NLP Foundation program in itself, offers a lot of scope for developing ourselves into better individuals.

Can my spouse/partner and I, attend the program together?

Absolutely yes! It helps to attend with a family member, colleague or friend as you can continue on your learning journey even after the program. You can be learning buddies and have a beautiful learning relationship. Couples(any two people) can register and avail 10% off on the total cost.

Can I reschedule my batch to another one?

We would strongly recommend you to attend the course schedule which you have enrolled for as we plan the programs based on the minimum number of registrations. Any last minute changes may affect the overall dynamics. However, if you have an unavoidable circumstance, you can reschedule by paying INR 1000/- in case you are cancelling anywhere between 3 days to a week before the start of the program. No cancellation or reschedule would be possible within 48 hours of the start of the program. It would be treated as a No-Show and the fee is non-refundable in that case.

What if I want to cancel my registration?

Under unavoidable circumstances, since cancellation is not possible, you may
transfer your registration to someone else from your friends or family or attend the
next session (an additional fee may be charged in case of last minute cancellation.
See Q4 above.

What if I want to discontinue after the 1st day?

In case you don’t like the program, you can write to us on [email protected] or call us on +91 95669 42555 on Day 1. Refund is possible only after attending the Day 1 session. We will refund the course fee after deducting the payment gateway charges.

Is NLP the same as Yoga?

No. NLP is all about psychology and the patterns in one’s thinking, language and behaviours.

I want to improve my communication skills and my leadership skills. How can I achieve this with NLP?

NLP is instrumental in building communication skills. Delegate’s learn to observe their own language patterns to make their communication more effective. As we know communication is a two-way channel, delegates also learn to read others’ non-verbal cues and alter their communication style accordingly. Hence, it becomes very effective and creates huge difference.

Do you only have online classes? I am looking for offline classes.

We have offline classes for advanced levels of NLP. Our Foundation courses too used to be offline before COVID. However, during COVID, we discovered the power of online platforms, and have been able to leverage the same very effectively. We have done more than a 100 programs online and our delegates have had a fantastic experience with the online programs too. Our trainers are experts at creating an in- person like experience in the online programs through their interactive video sessions.

Do you teach in English only?

We offer programs in English, Tamil, Hindi and Telugu as well. You may get in touch with our team to know about the schedules for these programs, or request one.

I have done my advanced levels in NLP already from another place. Can I join Master Practitioner directly?

We follow the standards of ANLP, UK. So, if you could provide the details of the training you have attended so far, we can check if they comply with the ANLP standards and get back to you accordingly.

Can I directly do the Master Practitioner or Trainer Training?

It is a step-by-step process where each step builds on to the other. Hence, it is recommended to do these levels one at a time.

Will there be any notes or reference material shared during or after the program?

The topics that are discussed during the sessions will be typed out in the chat box. Delegates are encouraged to save the notes every day before the end of the session, so that they can be used for further reference. Manuals will be provided for advanced levels.

Is NLP the same as Mindfulness/ EFT/ CBT/ Psychology

NLP is a subset of Psychology. It is a result of studying experts in the field of Psychology who excelled at what they did. The founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder studied Psychologists and therapists like Virginia Satir, Milton Ericson, Fritz Perls who were exceptional in the field of therapy and coaching and observed how they did what they did. NLP is a result of what they found from these ‘models of excellence’, as they called them.

Do you offer corporate training too?

Yes. We do specialise in offering customized training programs for corporates and educational institutions too on various topics like Managerial skills, leadership training, giving and receiving feedback in an empowering way, sales training, stress management, influencing skills and much more. We have trained corporates like Adani, HSBC, ISRO, NetApp, VMware, Landmark group and more on topics related to employee well-being and leadership. And also educational institutions like IIM Trichy, Don Bosco Tirupattur, Reva University etc in training their teachers and students on topics related to stress management, influencing skills and interpersonal skills, to name a few.


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