NLP Practitioner Program – 50 hours

Note: Due to COVID-19, we have currently moved all our programs online. You can learn from the comfort of your home now.

Eligibility criteria:
Anyone who has completed the NLP Foundation Program
For whom:
Anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of NLP and better influence on themselves. 50 hours of intensive training, the NLP Practitioner is for anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of oneself and achieve their goals. This course allows you to get an in-depth understanding of programming techniques and comprehend different dimensions of NLP.


Program Highlights:

  • Maintain resourceful states and manage your emotions
  • Understand language patterns and create a compelling language for yourself
  • Break free from past baggage, unhealthy thought patterns and behavioural patterns
  • Set compelling outcomes for yourself and others
  • Develop flexibility to have a greater influence
  • Establish a strong internal rapport with self
  • Create emotionally healthy relationships with ease
  • Learn how to celebrate excellence
  • How to observe without judgments
  • Learning handouts for ease of learning
  • Practice sessions for hands-on experience

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