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NLP Practitioner

April 17 to 24 (Hybrid)
10:00 am to 06:00 pm (IST)

NLP mASTER Practitioner

April 4th to 13th
10:00 am to 06:00 pm (IST)

Aysha MariyamAysha Mariyam
17:36 12 Nov 22
NLP foundation course was like a detox program which really cleansed me.I have self analyzed myself through this journey. It’s really powerful.Thanks so much for your very valuable training.I really had a great time,and appreciated that you made it fun!😃😃😃I participated in many online trainings and this training was one of the most dynamic. I hope to see more courses. After the program I have seen many reflection its like magic.Ms. Narmada and Mr. Arul made it so simple for understanding and relate with real life incidents.You both have an awesome NLP skills. Looking forward for beautiful moments with you. Thank you once again 🥰and wish you luck for all your upcoming projects👍🏻
Hamsa GopalaswamiHamsa Gopalaswami
17:34 01 Oct 22
I thoroughly enjoyed the NLP foundation course by MYA.The Mentor's Narmada Ma'am and Arul Sir's informal fun approach to presenting and involving participants and evoking them to share their thoughts and beliefs is commendable.Narmada Ma'am is an incredible engaging presenter. With her easy and simple ways she encouraged the participants to unfold thier inhibitions, situations,events that were causing limits to thier well being.She helped to reframe and reprogram the thoughts, beliefs and pattern .Arul Sir's humor and amusing anecdotes leaves you with a real feel good factor.My sincere thanks for this great NLP foundation course . The presentation style with lots of chance to ask questions and talk about real life examples that all made for a really enlightening, thought provoking and useful course.I highly recommend this NLP Foundation Course by MasterYourselfAcademy.Best Wishes.RegardsHamsa Gopalaswami
Naima ShakilNaima Shakil
16:06 01 Oct 22
I was at the point of life where communications were not clear and daily stresses were taking over me and my thoughts. This course connected me to myself so that I could unwind myself, surrender and take the daily challenges with grace. Self realization and Self correction were the beauty of this course with the help of our two great mentors!No one will make us happy unless we are ready to choose it for ourselves. Highly recommend to take this course when one is ready to make a change in oneself.
Dhattatreya NDhattatreya N
17:22 27 Sep 22
I really enjoyed the 6 days NLP foundation course at MYA. I am most grateful to Arul sir and Narmadha mam who were fantastic trainers and mentors. This training has helped a lot to learn about myself 😊 I am sure that it will definitely help me to live a very happy and peaceful life. If you want to discover yourself and be more confident, think no further and join the [email protected] All the very best and keep smiling 😁
Preeti KaliaPreeti Kalia
07:39 07 Sep 22
Master yourself academy is one of the best places to learn NLP , a way to understand yourself and coach yourself daily in a way that you are happy and productive without extra efforts . 'Any student gets back much more than what they invest' is my personal experience.
Thejaswini S PrakashThejaswini S Prakash
18:26 07 Aug 22
This course has definitely been an eye opener. It equips us with powerful tools which we didn't know we required. This course has really been a boon and I'm eternally grateful for Arul sir and Narmada ma'am for the learning. The interactive classes, topics covered, experiences and experiments and every conversation was a learning.I'm so glad I got to know about MYA & NLP! Forever grateful!!
Aswathy LalAswathy Lal
07:02 30 Jul 22
It was great to meet Mr Arul. This NLP training has helped me to find out what I am and how to make my life easy. And how to maintain relationships.
john pauljohn paul
07:01 30 Jul 22
I got an opportunity to attend NLP from here.It was so good for my personal and professional life.If you follow what Mr Arul taught,then you can easily understand what are your strength and weekness and how to talk to people by understanding them.Iam lucky that i got an opportunity to attend this wonderful session and always recommend to others.
06:59 30 Jul 22
Very very professional and engaging experience, I myself was a very non talkative person , I've always felt that I need to be more expressive , I think I am and am going to change and grow more as an expressive person because of this training, very helpful and very interesting and a MUST ATTEND! Or a must try session, just give this a shot you'll feel the change, positive change..!!
nesa kumarnesa kumar
14:58 20 Jul 22
Good day, would like to start something like this, Thought for any dayNo one can destroy Iron but its own rust can,Similarly no one can destroy man but his own mindset can.So based on your thought process it can keep you happy/peaceful/success/alive in positive manner etc or at the same time can destroy you, it's your choice.Pls start using using NLP tools/techniques in daily basis 😊👍 to keep you positive and healthy 😊So why are you waiting for, call MYA immediately and book your slot without any hesitation, if you feel to lead happy and peaceful life using better thought process? It's very near to you, as advertiments say that this place is very near to chennai 😊 but it will be far, here MYA is near 👍My experience in recent days post NLP foundation and Practitioner with MYA (Narmada/Arul)In my recent situations, may be in office or personal life, I'm applying all NLP stuffs that we came across, mainly to keep out of drama triangle by not letting me to get triggered, I most of the time using watch example it's their behaviour be NON-JUDGMENTAL, it's ok to be not ok state for sometime and bounce back, happy with what we have (example: out of 25 participants, 3 left)Also used modified version of mine, Think, Proceed and Succeed beyond the fear/Limiting belief, Applying lncremental change, filters, BOE etc.All observed below changes in my recent transformationStarted being independent, Jovial, Self confident level improved, concentration, memory, visualization etc, I see improvement in cerebral cortex (I imagined for referring cerebral cortex, Narmada or Arul or Anyone may be asking or thinking Asian paint question, you studied engineering right, speaking like doctor)who ever reads the google review of mine for MYA lucky, that i dint give whole message that I typed in whats app group and also one more good news, I myself transformed in better manner, anyone can do it if you have right will power by following the proper guidance, notes and techs given by Narmada and Arul 😊Have a cheerful and nice day 😊Thank you so much Narmada/Arul (MYA) for your wonderful skills in NLP😊

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of excellence. It is the understanding of how people do, what they do. So that you can learn from that excellence. And you can reproduce that excellence. If one person can do it, anyone can learn to do it. You just got to be curious.

How can NLP help you?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool for personal change and effectiveness. By learning NLP, you can understand what’s working and what’s not working in your thinking, language and behaviour. Be it your personal or professional life, NLP can be your game-changer.

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