nlp foundation coaching

NLP Foundation Online Training

  • Live interactive video sessions
  • Holistic training & coaching
  • 2 hours a day for 6 days (12 hours)
  • Experiential learning with lots of fun and realisations
  • Lifetime free access to NLP resources
  • Money Back Guarantee on Day one
  • Certificate provided by Master trainer & Trainer Member of ANLP, UK

NLP Practitioner

April 17 to 24 (Hybrid)
10:00 am to 06:00 pm (IST)

NLP mASTER Practitioner

April 4th to 13th
10:00 am to 06:00 pm (IST)

Preeti KaliaPreeti Kalia
07:39 07 Sep 22
Master yourself academy is one of the best places to learn NLP , a way to understand yourself and coach yourself daily in a way that you are happy and productive without extra efforts . 'Any student gets back much more than what they invest' is my personal experience.
Thejaswini S PrakashThejaswini S Prakash
18:26 07 Aug 22
This course has definitely been an eye opener. It equips us with powerful tools which we didn't know we required. This course has really been a boon and I'm eternally grateful for Arul sir and Narmada ma'am for the learning. The interactive classes, topics covered, experiences and experiments and every conversation was a learning.I'm so glad I got to know about MYA & NLP! Forever grateful!!
Aswathy LalAswathy Lal
07:02 30 Jul 22
It was great to meet Mr Arul. This NLP training has helped me to find out what I am and how to make my life easy. And how to maintain relationships.
john pauljohn paul
07:01 30 Jul 22
I got an opportunity to attend NLP from here.It was so good for my personal and professional life.If you follow what Mr Arul taught,then you can easily understand what are your strength and weekness and how to talk to people by understanding them.Iam lucky that i got an opportunity to attend this wonderful session and always recommend to others.
06:59 30 Jul 22
Very very professional and engaging experience, I myself was a very non talkative person , I've always felt that I need to be more expressive , I think I am and am going to change and grow more as an expressive person because of this training, very helpful and very interesting and a MUST ATTEND! Or a must try session, just give this a shot you'll feel the change, positive change..!!
nesa kumarnesa kumar
14:58 20 Jul 22
Good day, would like to start something like this, Thought for any dayNo one can destroy Iron but its own rust can,Similarly no one can destroy man but his own mindset can.So based on your thought process it can keep you happy/peaceful/success/alive in positive manner etc or at the same time can destroy you, it's your choice.Pls start using using NLP tools/techniques in daily basis 😊👍 to keep you positive and healthy 😊So why are you waiting for, call MYA immediately and book your slot without any hesitation, if you feel to lead happy and peaceful life using better thought process? It's very near to you, as advertiments say that this place is very near to chennai 😊 but it will be far, here MYA is near 👍My experience in recent days post NLP foundation and Practitioner with MYA (Narmada/Arul)In my recent situations, may be in office or personal life, I'm applying all NLP stuffs that we came across, mainly to keep out of drama triangle by not letting me to get triggered, I most of the time using watch example it's their behaviour be NON-JUDGMENTAL, it's ok to be not ok state for sometime and bounce back, happy with what we have (example: out of 25 participants, 3 left)Also used modified version of mine, Think, Proceed and Succeed beyond the fear/Limiting belief, Applying lncremental change, filters, BOE etc.All observed below changes in my recent transformationStarted being independent, Jovial, Self confident level improved, concentration, memory, visualization etc, I see improvement in cerebral cortex (I imagined for referring cerebral cortex, Narmada or Arul or Anyone may be asking or thinking Asian paint question, you studied engineering right, speaking like doctor)who ever reads the google review of mine for MYA lucky, that i dint give whole message that I typed in whats app group and also one more good news, I myself transformed in better manner, anyone can do it if you have right will power by following the proper guidance, notes and techs given by Narmada and Arul 😊Have a cheerful and nice day 😊Thank you so much Narmada/Arul (MYA) for your wonderful skills in NLP😊
Jeyakumar SrinivasanJeyakumar Srinivasan
14:32 21 Jun 22
It gives me an immense pleasure to say that, this Master Yourself foundation course helped me a lot to weigh my strengths and weaknesses and how to approach the life.This is the training which brings out the best out of you. practicing what did you learn in day today life will change yourself and the way you see the things.MrArul and Madam Narmada Rao are highly professional in their fields and attending this course may change your life for good.This is not an advertisement, but, my experience.If you feel that I need to improve for better, then my suggestion is just join this course. You will feel the difference.Great course indeed.
Bhahirathi VenugopalanBhahirathi Venugopalan
16:38 04 Jun 22
Happy to have completed the long pending learning. NLP foundation course from MASTER YOURSELF ACADEMY - NLP Training, Corporate Training solutions !Great learning experience from fantastic trainers Arul Subramaniam & Narmada Rao !This has been a life-changing experience both in my personal life and in my career.I have developed my confidence and communications skills to the next level and apply these in all walks of life to gain a deeper understanding of myself and those around me.
Roshini GuptaRoshini Gupta
05:09 30 May 22
I had been thinking about enrolling in a NLP program for a long time but somehow I kept pondering over questions of how helpful it would be and kept delaying my enrollment.Just last week I completed the 12 hour Foundation Program with Master Yourself Academy and believe me I am so happy to have not delayed enrolling in this any longer. The last week gave me an opportunity to introspect, learn, unlearn and push myself beyond my comfort zone and I think anyone interested in working on themselves should attend this program.Both Arul and Namrata are amazing facilitators who help you embark on this self discovery journey. It a treat to have been able to interact and learn from them.Like I learnt through this program-"Catch yourself right " and bring out the best in you.
Gayathrie RaghunathanGayathrie Raghunathan
15:41 18 May 22
I would recommend everyone to take this course as it's helpful in filing all those missing gaps / doubts and teaches you how to sustain and live on your own. It's an investment on yourself for life. Ms. Narmada and Mr. Arul gave a power packed course content. Just doing the basic course and practising it will bring changes in your mind set and life around you.They have the most Apt name for the academy. It is indeed "MASTER YOURSELF".Wishing Love and Light 🫰♥️
Sidhant ShettySidhant Shetty
14:35 17 May 22
Enlightening experience. I was part of the 6 day foundation course. Narmada Madam and Arul Sir made all the participants comfortable and got all of us involved in the workshop. 6 days went by in a jiffy.
Uma PrakashUma Prakash
03:56 17 Apr 22
At first, I was not very convinced about the NLP course and the changes it would bring in myself. But after attending the course, I felt that I was blessed to get such a wonderful experience.Starting from Foundation, Practitioner to Master Practitioner, I thoroughly enjoyed all the courses, with lots of self-realisation. Both the trainers Arul Subramaniam and Narmada Rao are down to earth people with great commitment in imparting their knowledge and experience to us. They helped me to discover the best version of myself.The added advantage is that, I attended this program with my husband. This is helping us to constantly enrich each other’s learning and to take it forward though out our lives.I would highly recommend you to attend the course.Happy Mastering yourself!!! 😊
Anup SasikumarAnup Sasikumar
18:00 08 Sep 21
I completed the 5 days Foundation Program (Online) today and the experience was on par with any classroom live session. Arul and Narmada delivers the contents with a lot of real life examples that helped me to easily relate with my current state of mind and gave me a positive perspective to evaluate even the smallest problems in my life. It will definitely help me to care about others before thinking of self. Overall it was a display of brilliant minds coming together as a family !
14:12 03 Sep 21
Good One! A lot of techniques to understand more about us & others.
Sumaiya MuneerSumaiya Muneer
05:02 01 Sep 21
This program is really good and wonderrful. It's help me a lot to understand myself and my behaviour. It gives me an idea how to handle difficult situation and different people without associate my emotions. I got a chance to interact with such a lovely people. The mentors are simply superb. I am trying to be more flexible and waiting to see that magical changes in my life.
Vignesh vickyVignesh vicky
18:31 29 Aug 21
I have attended the 6 day NLP Foundation Program Online,but never felt as online session concepts were explained clearly with examples.Arul sir and Narmada madam made us get engaged always. It was really helpful for me to view things different perspective. I strongly recommend for people who wants to change something in their life's this would be right framework to self analyze/evaluate.The session not only gives you inspiration puts you in action.
Priyanka ChakravartiPriyanka Chakravarti
12:11 24 Aug 21
I feel I am extremely fortunate to come across this wonderful course .Both the trainers are excellent, extremely genuine and gave personal attention during the session.All the concepts were clearly explained to us.Though it was online but not for a single moment I felt disconnected. EXCELLENT learning .Thank you so so much.
Radha HarikrishnanRadha Harikrishnan
07:03 12 Aug 21
Thoroughly enjoyed the entire 6 days of fun filled, learning virtual sessions. This was my first on-line class and I felt it was a tremendous learning experience for me. I enjoyed every aspect of the class. Before joining this program had too many thoughts on what the outcome will be. But trust me both Arul and Narmada made these 6 days so worth for me. Have noticed changes in myself from day 2 of the program and it really changed the way how we should handle a particular situation. Concepts were made so clear, and the team members shared there only experiences on how these filters helped them. So much motivational stories from each of the participants made the learning much more interesting . Thank you once again Arul and Narmada for such a wonderful session and for sure will be recommending to most of my know circle. Good Luck to you.
Sathis KumarSathis Kumar
05:50 12 Aug 21
I would like recommend all to take NLP training. It helps in personal life and professional live as well . I could see the much difference before class and after class. I started live with present instead of thinking past always and getting struck in present. I got my path to move on to successfully in personal life and professional life after NLP class. There are many techniques and filters have been learned in this NLP class which will help to implement in personal life and professional life. Those techniques will help to win the discussion with anyone in professional life and personal life . Thanks to Arun and Narmada for wonderful training….
Neha PhullNeha Phull
06:16 11 Aug 21
A trainer's job I believe is to make you fall in the love with the subject. Arul & Narmada, are the most involved trainers I have met so far. They did not just made me fall in love with NLP, but also streamlined my thoughts on how to proceed ahead with my career and life. I got into the course out of curiosity, and now after completing the foundation course, I will most certainly be attending the advanced courses!! And very importantly, I know now I have mentors for life.Worth the money, time and effort.
Mayuri NidigalluMayuri Nidigallu
17:12 10 Aug 21
I just finished the Foundation course with Master Yourself Academy.I went in with no expectations and have completed the 6 day course rich with knowledge.Narmada and Arul are the perfect mentors. Warm, wise, giving, guiding, and most importantly they hear everyone out.The training was an eye opening experience for me, as it made me realize which habits are not serving their purpose and which paths I should take to lead towards a more enriching life.I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get the best out of life.
Joyita DasguptaJoyita Dasgupta
10:30 08 Jul 21
Its a very interesting course which increased my awareness about people's behaviour while we communicate. The course surpassed my expectations.!! I can not only apply what I have learned in my professional life but also improve some personal aspects like communications with family members.A big Thank you to the two wonderful trainers.

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of excellence. It is the understanding of how people do, what they do. So that you can learn from that excellence. And you can reproduce that excellence. If one person can do it, anyone can learn to do it. You just got to be curious.

How can NLP help you?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool for personal change and effectiveness. By learning NLP, you can understand what’s working and what’s not working in your thinking, language and behaviour. Be it your personal or professional life, NLP can be your game-changer.

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