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  • Live interactive video sessions
  • Holistic training & coaching
  • 2 hours a day for 6 days (12 hours)
  • Experiential learning with lots of fun and realisations
  • Lifetime free access to NLP resources
  • Money Back Guarantee on Day one
  • Certificate provided by Master trainer & Trainer Member of ANLP, UK

NLP Practitioner

April 17 to 24 (Hybrid)
10:00 am to 06:00 pm (IST)

NLP mASTER Practitioner

April 4th to 13th
10:00 am to 06:00 pm (IST)

Neha LodayaNeha Lodaya
06:51 13 Mar 23
It was fantastic to learn from Narmada and Arul they are ocean of knowledge and take session in the most interactive way the best Part is, its a two way communication in session so all your questions are been answered and they remember minute details. This NLP sessions helped me improve my understanding of who I am and where I am going wrong in managing my relationship with others.This has given me a clear understanding of what I can do better to improve my life. Just by practicing a little things thats they said life actually changes just by implementing one thing trick that they thought I became a better leader and my team started to attend the meeting in a very professional manner.I am glad I did this session 😌 ☺️
Aysha MariyamAysha Mariyam
17:36 12 Nov 22
NLP foundation course was like a detox program which really cleansed me.I have self analyzed myself through this journey. It’s really powerful.Thanks so much for your very valuable training.I really had a great time,and appreciated that you made it fun!😃😃😃I participated in many online trainings and this training was one of the most dynamic. I hope to see more courses. After the program I have seen many reflection its like magic.Ms. Narmada and Mr. Arul made it so simple for understanding and relate with real life incidents.You both have an awesome NLP skills. Looking forward for beautiful moments with you. Thank you once again 🥰and wish you luck for all your upcoming projects👍🏻
sonia debsonia deb
08:53 01 Nov 22
Namaste 🙏My name is Sonia. I had the opportunity to have a taster round at the Foundation level, in Dubai which got me intrigued and wanting more and I stepped up.I did the Practitioner course in September at Cherai and it was a game changer.Arul Sir and Narmada Ma'am are fascinating people and more than that superlative trainers. Full of zest for life, and passionate about their calling.Arul Sir with his sense of humour has a subtle way of getting his message across and Narmada Ma'am is intuitive, and quite persistent when needed.A terrific combo and we got the best of learning in a very engaging environment.The essence of the Program is that "We can change the way we think, feel and behave by changing our focus – because where focus goes, energy flows. "There was a lot of inner noise which clouded me at times, Sometimes speed got me into trouble, and sometimes lack direction and focus.My inward journey had started before I attended the Foundation level but now I can confidently say that I got clarity, purpose and the right awareness after attending this.I am learning to Master myself every day and it's been incredible. I also met some amazing people, their journeys were so inspirational and this became a win-win situation for me.My learning journey doesn't end here. I am looking forward to the next step with the Master Practitioner course.Thank you Arul Sir and Narmada Ma'am. Highly recommend Master Yourself Academy!
Hamsa GopalaswamiHamsa Gopalaswami
17:34 01 Oct 22
I thoroughly enjoyed the NLP foundation course by MYA.The Mentor's Narmada Ma'am and Arul Sir's informal fun approach to presenting and involving participants and evoking them to share their thoughts and beliefs is commendable.Narmada Ma'am is an incredible engaging presenter. With her easy and simple ways she encouraged the participants to unfold thier inhibitions, situations,events that were causing limits to thier well being.She helped to reframe and reprogram the thoughts, beliefs and pattern .Arul Sir's humor and amusing anecdotes leaves you with a real feel good factor.My sincere thanks for this great NLP foundation course . The presentation style with lots of chance to ask questions and talk about real life examples that all made for a really enlightening, thought provoking and useful course.I highly recommend this NLP Foundation Course by MasterYourselfAcademy.Best Wishes.RegardsHamsa Gopalaswami
Naima ShakilNaima Shakil
16:06 01 Oct 22
I was at the point of life where communications were not clear and daily stresses were taking over me and my thoughts. This course connected me to myself so that I could unwind myself, surrender and take the daily challenges with grace. Self realization and Self correction were the beauty of this course with the help of our two great mentors!No one will make us happy unless we are ready to choose it for ourselves. Highly recommend to take this course when one is ready to make a change in oneself.
Dhattatreya NDhattatreya N
17:22 27 Sep 22
I really enjoyed the 6 days NLP foundation course at MYA. I am most grateful to Arul sir and Narmadha mam who were fantastic trainers and mentors. This training has helped a lot to learn about myself 😊 I am sure that it will definitely help me to live a very happy and peaceful life. If you want to discover yourself and be more confident, think no further and join the [email protected] All the very best and keep smiling 😁
nanditha aranhananditha aranha
10:11 15 Sep 22
Master yourself Academy is a god sent institute that came into my life in Aug 2021...I attended the NLP Foundation course. The excellent coaches par excellence Arul and Narmada opened new horizons for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and couldnt wait to be a part of the Practitioner course. And in July 2022 oppprtunity knocked for me again...It was a stupendous course...16 day transformational course....I can't tell you how amazing it was right from Day 1 to Day 17. Apart from the insightful learnings that I learned...the bond created with the coaches is something which will last a lifetime. I am indebted to both Arul and Narmada. I am now looking forward to NLP Coach prog starting today....God bless MYA and may they continue to scale great heights.
Preeti KaliaPreeti Kalia
07:39 07 Sep 22
Master yourself academy is one of the best places to learn NLP , a way to understand yourself and coach yourself daily in a way that you are happy and productive without extra efforts . 'Any student gets back much more than what they invest' is my personal experience.
Thejaswini S PrakashThejaswini S Prakash
18:26 07 Aug 22
This course has definitely been an eye opener. It equips us with powerful tools which we didn't know we required. This course has really been a boon and I'm eternally grateful for Arul sir and Narmada ma'am for the learning. The interactive classes, topics covered, experiences and experiments and every conversation was a learning.I'm so glad I got to know about MYA & NLP! Forever grateful!!
Aswathy LalAswathy Lal
07:02 30 Jul 22
It was great to meet Mr Arul. This NLP training has helped me to find out what I am and how to make my life easy. And how to maintain relationships.

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of excellence. It is the understanding of how people do, what they do. So that you can learn from that excellence. And you can reproduce that excellence. If one person can do it, anyone can learn to do it. You just got to be curious.

How can NLP help you?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool for personal change and effectiveness. By learning NLP, you can understand what’s working and what’s not working in your thinking, language and behaviour. Be it your personal or professional life, NLP can be your game-changer.

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